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Long Island Iced Tea is a perennial favorite at Dome. Classic chicken cordon bleu was cooked to perfection !

Location and Phone Number: This is a super fun idea for a date!

If my previous movies set the benchmark for lovers, they will see ‘Khaadi ke Uss Paar’ as the epitome of romance.” He further added that love knows no boundaries, and travelling from Virar to Bandra to meet a loved one is an example of the same.

The film is said to be based on the story of a real-life couple namely Pooja (23), a resident of Bandra and Raunak (25), who hails all the way from Virar.

Hey, there’s no better way to find your way into a person’s heart than to be kind to animals.

If you and the one you are about to meet likes animals, or cats to be precise, then you can head to this lovely café called Cat Café Studio in Versova.

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