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A thousand were convicted of capital offences and hanged.

Many more — perhaps up to 300,000 — suspected of being Mau Mau or even just associating with the insurgents were detained in camps where sanitation was rudimentary, food inadequate, and discipline often brutal and unrelenting. According to evidence in long-concealed official documents now being produced for a compensation court case in London, inmates were tortured, castrated and raped.

If they are victorious, they could set a precedent for an avalanche of other claims from Kenyans which might cost British taxpayers millions. Atrocities committed by the British against Kenyans are to be condemned.

This was not a pretty war by any means and most definitely not Britain’s finest hour, any more than the concentration camps of the Boer War spoke well of British justice.

Darkness had fallen in the remote and beautiful Rift Valley, north of Nairobi, and the white farmer was in his pyjamas ready for bed.

But first he stepped outside his isolated house for his customary evening stroll in the garden with his pregnant wife, before checking the shutters on the windows and doors in case of intruders.

Often goats were sacrificed and disembowelled as part of the process.

Preying on the Kikuyu people’s religious superstitions in this way instilled dread.

Recruitment to the Mau Mau began with bloodshed as whole villages were forced to take an oath of allegiance.One particular chief loyal to the Crown was badly wounded in an attack and taken to hospital.There, an assailant dressed as a porter slipped in and blew his brains out with a pistol.Particularly at risk were the families of those who joined a 25,000-strong ‘Home Guard’ of Africans set up by the authorities.Ninety women and children died when a Mau Mau gang descended on a village in the dead of night, sealed the people inside their homes, threw petrol on the thatch of the roof and set it alight.

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