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Campers will also learn about “sometimes” foods and ways to make sure that we’re happy and healthy throughout the day.

Campers will be practicing self-management and empathy as they prepare a fruit salad as a group. In this activity, campers will reflect on what each season tastes like and will learn if those foods are in season at that time.

In the afternoon, campers will prepare an orange cake!

Campers will learn about the importance of a balanced and varied diet and all about the five food groups.

This lesson highlights the responsibility each of us has when we’re cooking outdoors.

Campers will be able to practice safe food handling and preparation.

Grade Campers are learning how to be safe and how to identify when food is no longer fit to eat.

Have your camper help prepare an area for cooking or set the table.

It’s a great way to practice responsibility and have kiddos help in the kitchen!

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With the permission of your parent or guardian, go online to find images, sound effects and music and save them to a USB flash drive to bring into camp.

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