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A narcissist will put the child down to make them feel inferior and worthless so that they struggle to maintain the level of confidence needed to exist independently.A narcissist will successfully brainwash their child during the early years and switch from kindness to meanness in a flash, so the child will feel constantly unstable and desperately cling to their parent.This creates even more insecurities for the child at whom the resentment is targeted.The child will feel as though they are imagining things, as it seems that everyone else around them, including their sibling, is treated very differently.They know that to receive the narcissist parent’s love they must act accordingly and please the narcissist at all times.The moment they turn away from the narcissist all hell can seem to be breaking loose.The child of a narcissist exists solely to be of benefit to their parent, and the narcissist will see their children as an extension of themselves.They fail to realise that the child has their own emotional requirements and the narcissist will use manipulative methods to prevent the child from expressing these needs.

They not only struggle to have compassion and see how other people’s emotions work, they will also find it impossible to empathise when someone else is hurt and in pain.

Narcissists have many sides and they choose very carefully which side they wish to show depending on how it will benefit them.

Therefore, when someone enters into a relationship with a narcissist it can take some time before the narcissist’s true colours are revealed.

If the child behaves and falls into line with what their parent wants, all will go smoothly, so the child keeps themselves firmly aligned with their parent through fear rather than love.

Sadly, that means that the child will grow up to be confused about what love looks like and will view love as something that has conditions placed on it.

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