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In Turkey and adjacent areas of Greece (eastern Mediterranean and Aegean), the 'evil Eye' is conceived of as blue, thus, in order to repel or prevent the effect of 'evil Eye', a reflective "Eye" of blue glass is used." ...

A talisman charms against the Evil Eye take different forms in each culture where the belief is common.

my take on the meaning of the Pale Man's eyes in hands: a whole live, breathing man sits there unmoving with his eyeballs on a plate (shades of Saint Lucy).

his eyes never sited in his head = eye-brain mental disconnection of eyes as perceivers, as passive sense organs, connected first & most importantly to the brain. his eyes removed from his hands = eye-hand physical-action disconnection.

Together these two abilities represent the most effective symbolic condensation of the ideals of human existence - omniscience (all-knowing) and omnipotence (all-powerful) - in a very simple two-part icon: the Eye in the Hand.

tpk 21feb00 "Originating in the Middle East the Hand represents God's "Protective-Hand," and the blue Eye on it shields its owner from the curse of the Evil Eye.

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