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No, wait, that’s ‘No-one who wants to be a member of Losers’ Club can be a member of Losers’ Club’, isn’t it? (Photograph by Francesca, Kolkata, 2015) Meena’s first novel is out and receiving excellent reviews.Here is a particularly thoughtful and informative piece by Sumana Mukherjee which discusses the style as well as the subject.And the motive for continuing the spectacle: why such a spectacular, daunting, magnificent space, built with the finest marbles and to the most brilliant design, somehow needs these elements – not as trickery, as the French expression suggests, but as a negation of the distinction between the physical and the imaginary.Either would seem a wordless insight worth having across the millennia.

’ I imagined a booklet of transparent pages, each setting out a different period of the City’s history, with perhaps a detached opaque sheet, so you could isolate one or superimpose two periods. We’d just dropped into The North Shields (actually the Port Shield, but don’t let that misreading disturb us too much), which turned out to be an expensive replica of someone’s idea of a bar.But then, I like to think…) I’ve waiting for this book for more than a decade, ever since first encountering hints, descriptions and single poems by this foremost of the Bengali poets.Joy Goswami is one of those writers you dream of encountering in translation, concealed to your eyes within another language, but the common property of every delighted reader of that language; capable of transforming both your imagination, and the way you imagine poetry.Here’s the Tuppence review, and here, via the power of photography, is that excellent one from The Times: The publication of Sampurna’s translations of Joy Goswami would seem an ideal time to revive this blog for World Losers.I like to think it could cover all the translation, travel and poetic activities of the original Adishakti Crew, augmented by losers encountered along the Way and in the enveloping passageways of the Great Labyrinth.

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