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River Tam/Richard B Riddick - Serenity/Pitch Black A Firefly In The Pitch Black Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy - Harry Potter Best Laid Plans Willow/Spike/Angel - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Her New Family Chloe/Jacob, Lois/Paul, Lana/Embry - Smallville/Twilight Imprinted Chloe/Sam - Smallville/Supernatural Mate Chloe/Whiitney Fordman - Smallville Of Evil Eyes And Unlikely Alliances Clarke/Bellamy - The 100 The Secrets We Don't Keep Hermione/Draco/Blaise - Harry Potter To Own Hermione Granger Chloe/Lex & Chloe/Clark - Smallville Winds of Change Lois Lane/Lex Luthor - Smallville - Beginnings * Caroline/Tyler - Vampire Diaries - Changes Chloe/Winchesters - Smallville/Supernatural - Chloe And The Winchesters * Leslie/Jess - Bridge To Terabithia - Coming Home Mindy/Todd - Kick Ass - Crush * Chloe/Wolverine - Smallville/Xmen - Dog Tags * Chloe/Winchesters - Smallville/Supernatural - Faces In The Pool Chloe/Spike - Smallville/Angel - Forever * Hermione/Tom Riddle - Harry Potter - His * Jane/John - Mr & Mrs Smith - I Don't Love Him Chloe/Lex Luthor - Smallville - Lex * Chloe/Clark - Smallville - Milk * Chloe/Priestly - Smallville/Ten Inch Hero - Not Exactly Ghost Whisperer Chloe/Lex - Smallville/Harry Potter - Off To See The Wizard * Chloe/Oliver Queen - Smallville - Operation: Watch Watchtower"Chloe/Dean - Smallville/Supernatural - Ritual Sacrifice Gone Wrong * River Tam/Malcolm Reynolds - Serenity - River Chloe/Sam/Dean - Smallville/Supernatural - Stranger Than Fiction * Lois Lane/ Clark Kent - Smallville - Superman's True Love Chloe/Oliver & Lois/Clark - Smallville - The Bet * Caroline/Tyler - Vampire Diaries/Vampire High - The Curious Case of Caroline Forbes Chloe/Voldemort - Smallville/Harry Potter - The Face * Jane/Draco - Twilight/Harry Potter - The Hunt Chloe/Oliver - Smallville - The Only Way To Break A Curse * Willow/Spike/Angel - Buffy The Vampire Slayer - The Thing With Dreams Hermione/Voldemort - Harry Potter - Trapped * Chloe/Merlin - Smallville/Merlin - Unexpected * Jahel/Lincoln - The River - Useful Chloe Sullivan - Smallville/Supernatural - When The Holy Virgin Came To Visit * Chloe/Draco - Smallville/Harry Potter - Wolf Mate Chloe/Johnny Storm - Smallville/Fantastic Four - You Know You Want To STANDALONE ONESHOTS OR ONESHOT & SEQUEL (SLASH)Merlin - Merlin/Arthur - Alliance * Harry Potter - Draco/James - Back In Time Harry Potter - Cedric/Blaise - Cedric's Necklace & it's sequel Harry/Blaise - Giving Up The Ghost Smallville/Supernatural - Oliver/Sam - Conditions * Zoom - Connor/Dylan - Connor Knew Supernatural - Dean/Castiel - His Angel * Chronicles of Riddick - Riddick/Vaako - Keep What You Kill Supernatural/Ten Inch Hero - Sam/Priestly - Life And Love At Beach City Grill * She's The Man - Duke/Sebastian - Lips Merlin - Merlin/Mordred - Long Live The King * Were The World Mind - Jonathan/Timothy - Magic Harry Potter - Harry/Blaise - Mapinguari * Merlin - Merlin/Arthur - Once More With Feeling Merlin - Merlin/Arthur - Ownership * Supernatural - Dean/Castiel - Porn Is Good Twilight - Jacob/Edward - Retrospect * Twilight - Jacob/Edward - Rival & it's sequel - Insecure Smallville - Clark/Jason - Tease & it's sort-of sequel Goodbye * Kyo Kara Maoh! What do serenades, note-passing, and Kevin Jonas have to do with it? However, something's haunting Hogwarts that hasn't been there before, something that's seeking her... But after the kiss, Sirius feels withdrawal symptoms as he desperately wants to feel exactly how he felt that first time he kissed a bloke. I will have you, whether the human likes it or not. But just because they were friends didn't mean they couldn't. Yuki has been wanting to tell Tohru how he feels for the past two years but the words just won't come out. That skirt is too short.” TWOSHOT [Saku Team7][Sasu Saku]The message is still on the machine..I go over there now, I could erase the message and be back home before anyone noticed I was gone. It isn’t too late to undo this entire mess and fix things.

- Yuuri/Wolfram - The Misunderstanding Cursed - Jimmy/Bo - The Wolf And His Boy * Merlin - Merlin/Mordred - To Kill A King * Twilight - Jacob/Edward - Worth After arriving in Auradon, Harry sets out to find a way to make his princess remember who he is. After her so-called 'friends' left her behind to pursue a life of good, Queenie had to figure out a way to survive without them. RL/SB Slash Naruto Inuyasha: Kagome has come home for last time in the feudal era, her mother Kun Loon decides to send her to live with her cousin for awhile, but when she arrives it’s not what she expects. You will give in to me because we are destined to be together and you’ll find you can’t deny me.' COMPLETE! After the latest heartbreak, she decides to swear off love and boys. Loe Niley Mikoliver With the end of war, Harry and Ron escape to find themselves. Not to mention, shes been paying attention to Kyo making him jealous. Yukix Tohru WARNING: Slash RLSB MWPP Era One Shot Remus and Sirius move in together, but conflict arises when Sirius wants a quidditch room and Remus wants a library. WARNING: Slash RLSB Slight LEJP MWPP Era Dedicated to all of you readers! : D It's Christmastime and the Hogwarts girls are bored with their own lovelife, so they delve into Sirius' and Remus' with amusing results. Rogue and Kitty are assigned to work on a school project together, but as the night progresses, Rogue ends up learning more than her fair share about Kitty's secrets and mutant abilities. Complete This year, Hogwarts has a competiton for it's older students. Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy both know, to survive the streets of Paris, & to win the 5,000 galleons..will have to leave their past behind. His dog, disappears one day and while he is frantically looking for his lost dog, he meets a tanned blond named Naruto…

Harry/OCLonely and outcast by his classmates, Remus wishes on a moonshadow for a friend who understands him. Except him.'“I can’t believe you don’t like this adorable little thing,” cooed Bree, placing the creature in her lap. Bones needs some help with his relationship with Spock, so he goes to Jim and Uhura for help. Their hatred has lived on from kindergarten to East High. Or the blonde bombshell that he'll see everyday after school if he does join? FHr [INDEFINITE HIATUS]SLIGHT Remus/Sirius SLIGHT Slash One Shot MWPP Era They aren't enemies. And Remus has no trouble admitting that he's a little bit attracted to Sirius. Can she stop the heir before he becomes invincible? [Sui Sasu]Simon unwittingly altered things for River when sneaking her into the Alliance hospital for the tests.

To his amazement his wish is answered not once, but three times, by his former enemies, the Marauders. Fear and determination, are major factors in Hermione Grangers decision to keep the child of a liaison she can hardly remember. “You wouldn’t love them either if it’s older relatives had ripped the skin off your back. Their advice may not be what he wants to hear, but it'll all pay off in the end. Chloe surfaces 10 years after she was abducted during Dark Thursday only to find that the world has changed considerably while she was gone. But as the end of high school approaches, the pair find themselves struggling with a bizarre new attraction…After giving his friend Troy a hard time about theater, Chad suddenly joins himslef- shocking everyone. Karin has gay sensing problems – girls in love are like that. Now, back on Serenity after a spell of not feeling well, River's just completed a very different test and for once isn't too sure what the results mean. On Kagome's 16th birthday, her cousin Kikyou gave her a slave.

Dark Lex Series - Chloe/Lex Luthor - Smallville (WARNING: dub-con)Obsession, Rush, Fear & Surrender.

Dorian Trilogy - Past Chloe/Dean, Present Chloe/Sam - Smallville/Supernatural One Night Stand, Stanford & Family Reunion.

He watches from a distance as the young, strange people pour out of the ship. This isn't quite what they had in mind, I'm thinking. He showers Penny with all the affection she could ever want, but there's something missing and she knows it. Gaara x Kagome; Naruto/Inuyasha; Edited version Most of the population of Konoha knew that the Uchiha heirs desperately needed therapy... It was too bad that Uchiha Fugaku was in denial about his children. Merlin knew they were both thinking the same thing: here, now, they were going to die a couple of pathetic, tragic, virgins in the most horrific way possible. After the events in 'Wrath' and Clark's willingness to overlook Lana's involvement; can Chloe continue to stand by his side as his loyal supportive best friend? Mc Coy doesn't realize just how much he means to Jim. SLASH K/BWritten for a prompt on the Star Trek kink meme on lj. The remaining crew of Serenity is still flying, and life seems to be getting back to normal. Yuuri’s got a lot to think about, and it has something to do with the future of a certain accidental engagement, sorry Günter! And he's indignant when someone asks him about mating. His beast was being relentless and has finally gone too far. Remus always thought that they didn’t need conversation to communicate, and tonight had proved just that and more. Just Sirius When good boy Sasuke gets into a heated arguement with his father, he decides to do something drastic to get back at him. WARNING: mad rantings, jealous ravings, and numerous stalkings. Ch8: Wolfram In seventh year, the Marauders learn of an upcoming ball at Hogwarts and must find dates while preparing for finals.

Many are his sister's age, but none appear to have a fraction of the discipline Octavia does. For Kahlan, this is either totally violating or totally awesome. Works best between "Torn" and "Hunger.""I know two things for sure, One: Bert and Ernie are gay, and two: you are not going to die a virgin, not on my watch". She gave him a soft, weary smile that spoke of things he could have if he just tried hard enough. Sheldon/Penny The first game isn't against Cornwall, it's two weeks later. Prompt said "Kirk seduces/convinces Bones to have sex with him in a rainstorm." Yes, there's slash. That is, of course, until another fugitive manages to get onboard… Because, whatever part of you belongs to your family, I can't fit there, don't try and make me."RLSB slash Sequel to Goodnight&Goodbye:"You know babe even being with me is dangerous,one wrong move and I could kill you."Joe said to me. The only problem is he can't deny his beast this time, so what's a demon lord to do? In comes Naruto and the gang, the bad boys of the school, who Sasuke starts hanging out with. Sasuke has to get a wife thanks to the insistant Tsunande who claims that it would make Sasuke more loyal to Konoha. And another question, what happens when Draco reads it? James disastrously pursues Lily, Sirius is keeping a secret. COMPLETE[WARNING: Slash][RLSB][MWPP Era][One Shot] Written with the eversotalented Hermione Granger47393!

Choice Series - Chloe/Sam Winchester - Smallville/Supernatural Interview With A Demon, Seducing Chloe Sullivan, Four Years, Choice, Poker With The Boys, A Deal's A Deal, Pop Goes The Weasel, Family Matters, Crossroad Blues, The Art of Crafty Planning & All's Well That Ends Well.None of the three of them could have realized how their destinies were intertwined.Of Brothers & Lovers When his brother Adam's girlfriend ends up being sister to the man Dean basically stalks, Dean knows this must be a sign./今日からマ王!, She's the Man, Aliens/Predator, Zoom, Were the World Mine, Blade, Vampire High, Vampire Diaries, River, Kick-Ass, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, 100, Shadowhunters, Justice League, Batman, Fantastic 4, Vampire Kisses, Ten Inch Hero, NCIS, Friday the 13th, Blood Ties, Legion, Legend of the Seeker, Constantine, Primeval, Fallen, Criminal Minds, Bones, I Am Number Four, Secret Circle, Big Bang Theory, Mortal Instruments, Fringe, Walking Dead, and Sky High.NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - THANK YOUSI want to thank Isis Thorne who sent me a message informing me that apparently my story: "What Could Have Been" has been plagiarized.

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His sister is a warrior; these people are children. Bellamy AU.]She wanted to believe that this was just some nightmare, some weird daydream of hers and she's just half-asleep in the car, waiting to reach their new home, but then Michael walked into the room and reality smacked her in the face. Michael/Audrey AU (REVISED AND EDITED- 1/18/2015)Six events in Derek and Stiles' life where Stiles does something to make Derek growl at him and they choke those around them with all of the UST. And these things called Seven Minutes in Heaven and Spin the Bottle. 'I opened my eyes and saw him there, fairy wings and all, and thought him beautiful.' "But I fell in love with you, today."Contest winner Tinylexie wanted Darken/Kahlan family fluff. Who could have known that such a simple statement could have such dire consequences. Tyler Lockwood proves to be the catalyst for Matt/Caroline. Vi doesn't know how much longer she can last with a jealous Duke and a besotted Olivia. If you don't like that stuff, I'd advise you not to read this. Zero's life takes a drastic turn when his childhood friend, Kagome Higurashi, shows up at Cross Academy. Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. I held his hand."I know,but it's worth it."I said thinking how lucky I am to be with Joe even though he is a vampire. What would you do if you went into a pensieve, and then found that you couldn't leave? : DAngel baby-sits to pay off his debt to Joyce, his art teacher. Was a One Shot but I'm re-vamping it to a chapter fanfic. Sirius seemed to have gone slightly delirious with boredom during the last half hour and invented the ‘if your name is Remus, take all your clothes off’ game. They are completely, totally, one hundred percent straight. Sasu Naru, full summary inside It started off with one bite... Draco finds Hermione to be his mate and marks her, but what else happens after that? [WARNING: Slash][RLSB][MWPP Era][One Shot] Sirius and Remus are together but after Sirius gets into a fight, he knocks his head and gets amnesia, therefore forgetting everything. Sasuke doesn't seem so toubled, he has the perfect candidate for the job. [Sasu Naru]Draco Malfoy is watching Hermione Granger do her homework. Sirius and Remus are together and try to find a way to tell James and Peter.

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