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" gets an automatic 10,000 points, especially if he asks at least a few days in advance. I talk to women all the time who are losing hope that they’ll ever find a man who is actually willing to delete his Tinder account and just be with one awesome woman.

It reminds me of some Taylor Swift song -- and accordingly, it’s a common enough problem that I’ve seen several women crushed when this dream dies.

At the beginning of my yoga journey, I had some very brief trysts.

As we well know, divorce has a very high rate of occurrence these days, and so it is not unusual to see it happening among yogis.

Since all we’re doing is texting each other all the time, we’re used to communicating in a brief, simple and casual way. For communicating in between get-togethers, a phone conversation allows for thoughts and words to flow more effectively.

Conversations don’t flow the same way via text, and it’s harder to truly get to know each other and for relationships to blossom.

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We have been conditioned to play games and play it cool instead of being open and honest.

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