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As property prices rise and new areas of the city grow, artists are finding themselves unable to put down roots here.“I am committed to improving access to dedicated, affordable workspace so that the next generation of creatives are given the extra support they require to flourish.We cannot risk destabilising the creativity of our capital city.I’m pleased we have been able to support the Mayor of London’s plans, and look forward to the solutions this study will offer toward a more resilient future for the sector.” Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries, Justine Simons said: “Artists and creative people are like the advance party — they find the unusual places that no one sees much value in and they breathe life into them.It will ensure that rents for creative workspace are kept affordable in the long term.

Culture is in the DNA of the capital but we cannot be complacent.Co-founder of Outset Contemporary Art Fund and Studiomakers, Candida Gertler OBE said: “Artists and creatives need affordable workspace in which to develop their ideas.As such, artists’ studios are far more than just physical places of work.We can’t underestimate the value they bring to the capital’s character, identity and success.The trick is to find a way to allow them to put down roots in the areas they have played such an important role in establishing - and not get displaced as prices rise.

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