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The introduction of more driver-only trains would give responsibility to drivers instead of guards to open and close the train doors. But the Rail Delivery Group, which represents train operators, said more than half of trains in Britain, including the London Underground, operate with drivers in charge of closing the doors.

It argues that the change would reduce the time that trains have to wait at stations.

Mr Peters said Uber's licence should be renewed if it addresses the issues raised.

It has even been suggested that the dispute caused the Conservatives to lose seats in last week’s general election.Passengers across Kent, Surrey and Sussex are due to face fresh disruption from June 29 when Aslef enforces an overtime ban.The last overtime ban, which ran from December to early January, forced the cancellation of hundreds of services and saw some train lines closed for weeks.Aslef, the train drivers’ union, has yet to accept the deal.It has denied asking for a pay deal to be included in talks over the dispute and is furious that Southern has used negotiations over salaries to try to settle the row which has caused misery for hundreds of thousands of commuters.

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