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And hey, if you take pictures of my naked little baby girl, I’m coming after you. The things I got I did my best with, and things like Dahmer and The Hurt Locker ended up being my chances to swing for the fences. You were also in SWAT early on, which has the most ridiculous plot ever. I know some people, like Jessica Chastain, have come out and complained about how there should be more female superheroes anchoring Marvel films, and how there should really be a stand-alone Black Widow movie by now. Another reason why I got involved with Kill the Messenger is that there are strong female roles in this, and I actually wanted them to be stronger than they ended up being in the movie—like my editor in the film, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Captain America 1-3 and then The Avengers 1-3, and then you’re done. But now, the only pictures of naked girls on my phone are of my baby! [Laughs]My friends and me rented your first movie when we were kids: National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.[Laughs] That was my first job! ”It took a long time for you to really break through. The only thing that was tough was I was getting really frustrated because I just felt like I never got my chance at the plate. I thought Kill the Messenger might be a good thing for her and I slipped it to her early on, but I think it wasn’t her bag. Another thing cable seems to be doing better at is creating interesting roles for women. I love strong female characters, and I think it’s really important.In between the blockbusters, the 43-year-old managed to slip in Kill the Messenger.

There are, of course, the numerous film franchises. The film gave pretty equal heft to Captain America and Black Widow. I think that’s why they want a Hawk-Eye/Widow movie so bad. , Renner said he's never too worried about not getting to hang out with Olsen, since they live in the same neighborhood."She's like my neighbor," Renner shared."She lives around the corner from me, so I see her all the time."As it turns out, Olsen isn't the only Marvel star who lives within walking distance of Renner's house.I met Michael at this hotel and he had some heat coming off of Homeland, and I liked the energy of Homeland and started to get the feel of the movie. Why I steer away from media in general is because I’m sickened by what gets attention—like sensationalism, hacked celebrity phones, etc. You didn’t earn it, and you don’t deserve it—it just fell in your goddamn lap. What’s a problem or issue today that you feel isn’t being covered enough in the news?

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