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It has been my position from the beginning of my work (the 70''s), in a situation of the kind represented by the materials and discoveries at Qumran, when there is a contradiction between the results of techniques such as these and ‘the Internal Data’ – meaning, what the documents themselves say, which is what my books generally focus on – then ‘the internal data’ must take precedence, given the quality, imprecision, and kind of ‘the external data’ that exists for Qumran.

While many might be familiar with the latter – what, for instance, might be considered ‘internal data’ where the Scrolls are concerned?

It has likewise been pointed out by numerous commentators – but seemingly to little avail – that this is ’ (hardly the practice of an Empire weaker than the Roman), had ‘no pity even on the fruit of the womb’ – Josephus describes just such carnage by the Sea of Galilee in 67 CE where the Romans did actually kill, Nazi-style, rather joyfully, just such infants (because they were of little value on the slave market) in the run-up to the siege of Jerusalem two years later – and ‘whose eating was plenteous,’ ‘parcelled out’ .

Matthew –27 even goes so far in response to matters concerning the paying of ‘tribute’ (in this case, delineated in terms of paying the Temple tax) to actually portray Jesus as sending his favorite Apostle ‘Peter’ (also a Galilean ‘fisherman’) to the Sea of Galilee to retrieve the required coinage In addition, however, as just alluded to as well – but it is worth repeating – it is clear that what is being described in this pivotal section of the Habakkuk Pesher is the well-known Roman administrative practice of ‘tax-farming’, particularly among the petty Kings in the East (like the ''Herodians’, who functioned as Roman juridical and ‘tax-gathering’ officials – in the Gospels, that is, ‘Once again, these petty or Eastern Kings were specifically referred to in Roman juridical language as ‘Kings of the Peoples’ – of which such ‘Herodians’ were prototypical.

No sense whatever has ever been made of this ‘House of Exile’ by any commentator (including, as far as I can see, the recently-departed Professor Geza Vermes of Oxford, z"l", who literally portrays me almost as an idiot in his work – please, don''t all agree); but, as I think I have in work after work – which of course, he gives very little evidence of ever having read – repeatedly demonstrated, it clearly relates to the ‘Exile’ of the Sanhedrin around the 30''s-60''s CE, frequently attested to in the Talmud (therefore, the ‘House’ in question is ‘his House,’ meaning as per the usual ''dumb-bell'' exposition – Hebrew typically being imprecise in genitives of this kind), from its place of sitting in the Great Stone Chamber on the Temple Mount to a ‘House’ outside its precincts (not unlike the trial at ‘the House of the High Priest’ in Luke /Matthew in the New Testament) – the implication of this being in both the Talmud and Josephus that, because of this, all capital sentences imposed in this Period under such jurisdiction were to be considered unlawful or invalid.Unfortunately, the outside observer must actually read the documents themselves to grasp this – which first of all are not easy for the non-specialist to know or do (to say nothing of for ''the specialist’).Primarily these consist of the most important allusions at Qumran (a term ‘scholars’ generally use when referring to the Scrolls).e., what the texts themselves say – not what ''scholars'' say) that exists for a First-Century provenance of many crucial and interrelated texts at Qumran, particularly those called '' Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position or viewpoint of The Jerusalem Post.Blog authors are NOT employees, freelance or salaried, of The Jerusalem Post.

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