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Emy contributed 3 different photo sets of her nails for this update; her nails polished clear, a French manicure and a beautiful Plumb color! She continues to let them grow to only the lengths that Heather can do!Alisha returns with her outstanding nails polished in two different shades of red! Her multi-colored red nails look spectacular in these photos! In this update of Heather, she has her nails polished clear, which look amazing by the way!Since I began blogging about Hawaiian music last August (2009), it has become more evident that this blog is a great way of sharing information.

Her secret, she said once, was “let your breath out s-l-o-w-l-y.” Yup, easy to say.

I am so extremely proud of Alisha and how she has been maintaining her nails. And she is all full of smiles, proudly showing of her nails that she is so happy to have back!

As you can imagine after 20 years of shooting pictures and videos of beautiful ladies with gorgeous nails, our collection is quite extensive!

Our vast collection of photos and videos are sure to bring joy to your internet surfing experience!

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your visit! We have a new hand model named Emy that was gracious enough to submit photos of her amazing, natural nails for a photo feature!

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Because these recordings are still under copyright, I am respecting those rights by not posting music files here. Decca 30275 195x: The Hilo Hawaiians, Given the fact that ‘Alika is a hula kui song through and through, it is interesting to note that the vast majority of these recordings have an ‘ukulele trio instrumentation at the core.

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  2. Bagama’t asiwa ay maayos pa din naman nilang napag usapan ang mga bagay bagay batay sa orihinal na motibo ng dalaga sa pagsadya. ” patianod ng dalaga bunga ng ayaw pa niyang matapos ang sandaling paghaharap nila ng binata.