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The Channel 4 programme is little more than gratuitous car crash TV, brought to you by those liberal-left types who dominate broadcast media.Tonight's show (Wednesday) looks likely to be just as bad.This type of sex education would encourage more kids to check up extreme pornography and experiment with extreme sex.Both most people dont seem to be aware of this other angle, why all the hypocrisy?What would be considered extremely deviant a decade ago were now teaching in schools to 13 year olds, that can hardly be right.At one point they interviewed a porn star, just in case some of the students wanted to pursue a career in porn maybe its now recommended as a careers option.

They avoid the vagina for fear of embarrassing the girls why isnt it the feelings of boys never count if girls feelings are so important.The youngsters were told to ask which areas of which man's body they wanted to look at, with the idea of showing them that every person's body is different.The interactive lesson came to the school as part of Channel Four's The Sex Education Show, for an episode which was shown on Tuesday night.They went in to major detail about how to wash penis but not the vagina, we had close ups of the male models had to retract the foreskin as if guys couldnt figure out how to do this.After graphic class room demonstrations spooning out a sperm like substance, and discussions about what to do with sperm they had nothing about periods and how women put on tampons.

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