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Legislation such as the 1920 Native Affairs Act, the 1924 Class Areas Bill, the 1934 Slums Act and many more, led up to the eventual enforcement of separate 'Group Areas' from 1950 onward, resulting in mass evictions and forced removals. A good example of one of the ways that legislation forced people unjustly from their homes is the anti-squatting legislation in 18. Examples of the types of tactics used to move people against their will from their homes will be illustrated further below. The surplus people : forced removals in South Africa. South Africa has experienced a long history of forcible removal of people as the result of racist legislation. Forced removals in South Africa: Volume 1[-5] of the Surplus People Project report. The people in question were Black people for who opportunities to own land were severely restricted. Those affected by these anti-squatting laws had the following options: to accept the farmer’s offer of taking labour tenancy over cash tenancy, move out, or be prosecuted as a squatter.

People found ways to live and work among one another as urban areas expanded and circumstances created by World War II brought increased urbanisation and industrialisation. The resultant increased need for labour necessitated some leniency of segregationist laws. [xv] This was of concern to those in powers and to members of the White population who did not wish to share their living environments with those from other population groups. They apparently did not want to have their neighbourhoods and communities encroached upon by what was referred to as 'irregular settlements’ in government documentation[xvi]. Comprehensive Segregation: The Origins of the Group Areas Act and Its Planning Apparatuses. As a result, legislation was created to limit the freedom of all non-white residents.[xvii]After World War II, the South African government under Jan Smuts made attempts at managing the growing urban populations through careful urban planning.

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