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Staminate flowers crowded along full length of rachillae; calyx a 3-lobed cupule with uneven margin, loosely surrounding the corolla; petals, 3 (rarely 4), creamy yellow-white, fleshy, each 7- 10 x 3 - 5 mm with apex rounded and minutely serrate; stamen about 5 mm. dactylifera makes it well-suited to vegetative propagation and domestication.

Pistillate inflorescences initially erect, becoming pendulous with maturity; prophyll splitting between margins, yellow-green, about 100 cm long; peduncle yellow-green, 60 - 150 cm, greatly elongating after fertilisation; rachillae about 150 in number, yellow, to about 40 cm long, elongating with fruit maturation. Date palms produce offshoots at the trunk base allowing simple clonal propagation of chosen palms.

Original Chowk Yadgaar visible in this photo was demolished and horse shoe shaped Chowk Yadgaar was built.

Later on that too was demolished and present day ugly junk of concrete was built at its place. It was built in 1900 in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

Rounded crown of dark green feather leaves 3-5 m long, with pinnae to 20-40 cm long closely spaced along the rachis.

The origin of the date palm has been much debated and suggested areas include desert northwestern Africa (Fischer 1882; de Candolle 1884), tropical North Africa (Schweinfurth 1873; Grisebach 1872), Arabia (Bonavia 1885), Babylonia (Hehn 1888), the Persian Gulf (Beccari 1890; Werth 1934; Popenoe 1973; Zohary & Hopf 1988), Southern Persia (Boissier 1882) and Western India (Hamilton 1827).The species is dioecious, with separate male and female trees.The fruit are yellow or orange when ripe (turning brown when dried), 3-5 (-7) cm long and 2-3 cm diameter, with a large seed; the fruit pulp is edible and delicious, and is the basis for a major fruit crop of global importance (dates).exact natural distribution unknown due to extensive cultivation for at least 8,000 years.Algeria, Benin, California, Canary Is., Cape Verde, Egypt, Fiji, Gulf States, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Madeira, Mauritius, Morocco, New Caledonia, Oman, Pakistan, Réunion, Saudi Arabia, Sinai, Socotra, Somalia, Spain, and Turkey.

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