Radiocarbon dating of fossils taken from caves

First, the volcanic cataclysm arising from volcanic workings. Second, the magnetic cataclysm, caused by a lurch of the earth going back into magnetic balance.

A magnetic cataclysm results from the earth getting out of magnetic balance.

It is estimated that the curvilinear designs are between 13,000 and 8,000 years old, well beyond the age of any other graphic activity known in the Nile Valley.- Cave Art / France - "Archaeologists have discovered 13,000-year-old cave paintings that suggest prehistoric children were taught to draw by their parents.

In a great swathe of death around the edge of the Artic Circle the remains of uncountable numbers of large animals have been found - including many carcases with the flesh still intact, and astonishing quantities of perfectly preserved mammoth tusks.Some powerful general force was certainly at work to bring the catastrophe about.' " [Based on: Graham Hancock, Fingerprints Of The Gods, p.212-213]One of the samples, taken from a typical 'fish-trap' design, gave a radiocarbon date of about 5,900 to 5,300 B. This date provides a minimum-age estimate for the petroglyphs.Some of the animals inhabiting this landscape - white-tailed deer, raccoon, woodchuck, and fox - are found in Ohio today, while others - caribou, pine marten, and lemming - were far south of their modern ranges.Most spectacular were the now extinct species, including short-faced bear, giant beaver, stag moose, and herds of pig-like peccaries.

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