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At, singles fill out personality profiles that can include information from their musical tastes to their drink of choice at the nineteenth hole.

Where members can list their favorite golf courses across the globe, and the ones they aspire to travel to once they meet their ideal mate.

He spent more time in jail in 2005 on charges including theft and identity theft after being caught stealing from a sports store and claiming to be his brother Emery.

Then there was a fine in 2007 for dangerous driving, before the 2014 arrest that made him famous when local police posted his mugshot online.

In golf, an "eagle" is not the emblem of the United States of America, but rather a score of 2 under par on a hole.

An "apron" is not a garment worn over your clothing to keep you clean in the kitchen, but rather the closely cut area just around the edge of the green.

A friend of the couple told The Sun last night: “He’s ­basically a Neanderthal, but she’s so hooked on him she just can’t see what a dummy she’s landed.” This is despite Meeks’ ­credentials as a nasty piece of work making headlines worldwide.The thug, 33, and Chloe, 26, have now been together for five months — but unsurprisingly Chloe has still not introduced him to her father Sir Philip Green or mum Tina.A friend said yesterday: “Her dad is not happy at all but she makes out she doesn’t care.” Sir Philip’s camp says he is horrified at his daughter’s choice and the retail mogul told The Sun this week: “I’ve not met him and I don’t know anything about him. ” Wannabe fashion designer Chloe and Meeks, meanwhile, have been declaring all over social media that they are “in love” after first becoming close in March.The pictures came as a ­terrible surprise to Meeks’ loyal wife of eight years, Melissa, who is a nurse.SPENCER MATTHEWS (May 2011 – July 2011): Made in Chelsea’s love rat, 28, and Chloe had a whirlwind summer fling, including partying with Leonardo Di Caprio on a yacht.

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Meeks has hinted he is still part of the Northside Gangster Crips, saying he has quit “to a certain extent”.

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  1. A person who constantly makes plans and then cancels them, or who can talk on the phone only at certain times of the day, either has an incredibly demanding job or is not quite as single as she claims.

  2. Come along and have some ghoulish fun visiting seven haunted places around Brighton’s most haunted quarter. When Rob is not performing in the Lanes he can be found hosting various events, particularly at the British Engineerium Museum in Hove.

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