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Before she could ask for her name my phone started buzzing from text messages.I knew before even taking out my phone that it was Natalie asking where I was.She didn’t really respond at first, letting me kiss her, but soon she pushed me away. ” “Yes” “So what would be crazier than having sex in a hotel elevator?Plus with the power out there are no cameras to record it and we know this thing isn’t going anywhere for at least an hour.“Yeah, I think I’ve seen most of your stuff.” “Ah, finally a fan who finally doesn’t only want to talk about Harry Potter.” Emma face really britten with a big smile and she also suddenly seemed more relaxed. “I don’t know.” I took a step over to the side of the elevator and pressed the call button hoping there’d be someone there to tell us what’s going on. When she asked why I was in town I was less specific.

As I put my phone away Emma was pulling out another slice of pizza. I mean, growing up people made a big deal of the picture of me drinking while underage and those pictures of me in a black bikini are still all over the internet.“Emma, I think I can help you out.” She lowered her gaze back to me, “How?” I quickly moved over to her, put my hand behind her head and brought her in for a kiss. “Look, you said you want to do something crazy and in public, but you’re afraid of it being plastered all over the internet, right?I texted back that I was stuck in the elevator and that they were not sure when I would get out.She then texted me back a picture of her with a sad face and also a message that because of the storm they had to change the show’s shooting schedule and she now needs to leave in and hour or two.

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And, I think by now you know I’m not some crazy obsessed fanboy who’d tell everyone I know if we were to have sex.” Emma seem to pause and consider all my points.

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