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“But this will not lead anywhere.” Foreign Minister Zarif did not deny the drag on expectations came from both sides.

Consisting of some 60,000 verses, the Shahnameh is the world’s longest epic poetry written by a single poet.An Iranian hard-line website has posted doctored pictures of Sarah Shourd, who is seen alongside fellow American citizens Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer, the two men recently released from Iran after being charged with espionage.“Mashreghnews” blurred the arms and bosom of Shourd, Bauer's fiancee and one-time fellow detainee, to make her presentable by Iranian hard-line standards. citizens during their joyful reunion have been posted on several other Iranian websites as well.We can move forward.” Zarif faces skepticism among Iranian hard-liners as well — including the cleric who holds ultimate power in Iran, Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei.In a speech delivered on Monday, Khamenei offered support for Zarif’s efforts, and pledged fealty to the interim accord, but, after noting the opposition in Congress, added his usual dour assessment of American goodwill, “What our Foreign Ministry and officials have started will continue, and Iran will not violate its commitments,” Khamenei said.

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Those talks were what began on Tuesday, in relatively brief sessions that officials reported were devoted to discussions of how to move forward.

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