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Your options are to make amends with Pay Pal or use a different gateway. Also, I'm a I understand you trying to defend Boonex here.

Airlines and scheduled or non-scheduled charters/jets/air taxi operators; collecting donations as a charity or non-profit organization; dealing in jewels, precious metals and stones; acting as a money transmitter or selling stored value cards; selling stocks, bonds, securities, options, futures (forex) or an investment interest in any entity or property; or providing escrow services. Paypal tell me that the policy is also for community and for dating sites that want to use Paypal as a payment gateway.Dolphin also includes 2Checkout, which supports dating sites, although requires its own review.There may be other payment providers in the market with more relaxed rules. In your case, it looks like Pay Pal didn't agree with something on the site - that's not Boon Ex's problem.PAYPAL have regulation against dating sites on internet.You can open an account on paypal and put your email in admin on your account of the boonex.

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And with commissions on Chatline membership renewals you earn a percentage of all recurring sales. Customers do not need to fill out forms, provide credit card details or speak with an operator.

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