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She told Fabulous magazine: 'We caught each other's eyes and it went from there. We've got so much in common and let each other do whatever.

But making sure to keep fans guessing on Friday, Louisa Johnson was without her rumoured beau as she stepped out cradling her new pet pug.

He's great, I love him' Louisa Johson has escaped the dreary January weather in favour of the warmer climes of Bali this week.

And she's been keeping her Instagram followers regularly updated with her trip, posting several bikini selfies.

Priča se zbiva na Dorćolu, najstarijem jezgru Beograda, u kraju grada koji ima posebne kodekse ponašanja i sopstvena surova pravila igre.

Nina, Aleks, Tili, Kaća i Sonja su drugarice odmalena koje je život odveo na različite strane. Ninin muž je ubijen, a iza sebe je ostavio ogromno bogatstvo koje je prepisano njoj.

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