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“Emperor Obama” (by his own definition), in his speech tonight selling his lawless executive amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens, assured Americans that every illegal “comes here to work” and “not for a handout.” Then there is reality: the vast majority of illegal aliens are on welfare, and will be for life.And far from contributing to our society and economy, illegals depress wages, and the average illegal alien takes in ,000 more in public benefits each year than they contribute in income, sales taxes and social security contributions .I’d recommend Sub-Solution which is what I have the most experience with and what me and my friends use when we need to. Then detoxing or attempting to mask the drugs are not realistic methods for you, but using urine that isn’t yours to test negative, is.So, if the above mentioned terms fit with you and your urine drug test, then by all means go ahead, it may be your best bet and you’ll likely pass it without any problems. Then cleansing yourself through proper THC detox and using your real pee would be the much safer route to pass your urine drug test in my opinion.You just need to know WHEN it’s a good option, when it isn’t, and use the best synthetic urine brands that are reliable and won’t be detected as ingenuine. I have listed all the main factors you need to consider when deciding if using fake urine is a good option to beat your drug test or not, what markers the labs use to decide whether the urine is fake or the real deal and what brands sell the best synthetic urine (a.k.a. They do this more often as of lately due to the many people who beat urine tests with fake pee in the past, relying on hiding it in their underwear and/or on fake penises/urinators with backstraps (Whizzinator, anyone? Pre-employment tests are generally not that thorough though and often unsupervised. There are many rip-off products out there that either never worked or did work once upon a time.Drug companies have become better at detecting if urine is synthetic or not though, so low quality brands are highly unreliable. Let’s say you smoked a huge amount of cannabis on the day of your drug test.Here are a few important things the test examines; When reading synthetic urine reviews online and other people’s experience with synthetic urine, on forums and such, it’s important to look at the date.

A color spectrum is used to analyze and compare the color produced on the strip by your urine sample to the color a clean urine should produce If this gives a positive result, it is then sent to an accredited lab with the required laboratory equipment and a GC-MS (short for gas chromotography-mass spectrometry) is performed to prove that illicit substances/metabolites are present and avoid any mistakes. It depends a lot on the specific testing facility, and thus you may want to do some research about what company does the testing for your job/organisation and their methods. 2 above, sometimes you may be compelled to pull your pants down to your knees and your shirt up above your navel.Here are some ideas on where to hide it for a supervised but not super-strict test; An important part of the drug testing process of urine samples is the adulteration check.This is done to determine whether the specimen being tested is genuine and not fake/synthetic, is diluted, or if it has been tampered with in order to mask drug metabolites in any way.It smells and behaves like urine should, on par with Sub-Solution in that regard.If you know you will have no need for instantly heating your sample, this is definitely a valid choice as well.

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I’ve also heard of testing facilities that make you put some sort of bath robe on.

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