Updating old modular home with paneling

In taking off the panel spacers, I found that the gaps are about 1/4 inch. Believe me, they wouldn't be there for JUST decoration (these builders are way to cheap for THAT!

Its recommended for 24 but with the amount of compound you will need you will need to wait longer. You'll need to keep these on the walls & ceiling.

If you find the pictures here to dark for your decor (like I do) then you can go back over the walls with either a plain paint, a water base stain, or you can do what I'm going to do: Add one part white Acrilyc or Latex paint (I'm using an Ivory color) to 4 or 5 parts Glaze, (this will make a transparent paint that works like a stain) then with a clean rag or large sponge, wipe this mixture onto the walls in a circular motion.

When it dries, If it's not the color you like, then go back over it again with another coat.

COM (click on "books & parts" at the top of the page) You can also buy down loadable books with detailed directions for DIY projects about most anything "Mobile Home".

Just describe what you need & they'll be glad to help.Kim Thompson shares the house with husband Achille Bigliardi, and said the 1,288-square-foot space fits into the couple’s commitment to living more simply, with a "less house, more life" philosophy.Without changing the footprint or moving any interior walls, see how the couple reworked their mobile home into a mod stunner in just seven weeks. Filling it with Spackle will not work sadly, Even when it looks level and smooth when you go to paint u will see where the gap was. I would use a filler such as a flexible caulk to fill it in most of the way then spackle over it. It has an Alcohol Base & the primer is made from Shellac which is a natural product: Zinsser B-I-N ... To Glinda: For people with allergies, you could probably use this product it's made to use in Schools, Hospitals & Industrial Kitchens.

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Just make sure you wait for 48 hrs for your compound to dry and harden. For Laurel: The thin plastic strips cover the tacks or nails where they put the panels of the mobile home together.

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