Accommodating intraocular lenses for cataract surgery

The lens can become so big that it pushes the iris forward, placing the patient at increased risk for angle closure glaucoma.With far-advanced cataracts the middle cortical layer (the chocolate layer) can liquefy and become milky white and the nucleus layer (the central peanut) gets hard and falls to the bottom of the capsular bag.The ciliary body is a ring of muscle sitting behind the iris.Trauma and surgical mishaps can break the zonules and cause the lens to de-center or even fall into the back of the eye.Unfortunately, as we age our lens becomes harder and does not “relax” into a sphere very well, no matter how hard the ciliary body contracts.

Here is a short summary of the important cataract types: Nuclear sclerotic cataracts NSCs are the most common type of cataract and many consider them to be a normal maturation of the lens.Now, we know the structure of the lens and we know the lens sits behind the iris …but what keeps the lens from falling into the back of the eye?The ciliary muscle can be thought of as a camera diaphragm, or if you prefer a more entertaining description, a sphincter muscle.When this sphincter contracts, the central “hole” gets smaller causing the zonular “springs” to relax.

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The eye is the most amazing organ in the human body, and the lens is one of the most impressive structures within it!

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