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MDNA was the twelfth best-selling album of 2012 globally, and went on to sell two million copies. Originally Madonna had enlisted Solveig for one song, but in the end they composed three: "Give Me All Your Luvin'", "I Don't Give A" and "Turn Up the Radio".In an interview with Billboard, Solveig felt that being Madonna's record producer would have been intimidating for him, so he chose to avoid "thinking about the [singer], and do something that just makes sense".

The song discusses how money was a triggering factor in the destruction of her marriage."With music it's so much about the vibe and the energy and you know when things are working and when they're not," clarified Madonna. She's wearing lots of mascara, bright red lipstick, a choker and a silky bright pink top.The photo has some kind of broken mirror filter over it, giving it a funky, dance-queen vibe." Robbie Daw of Idolator compared the "multi-hued" artwork to the one of True Blue (1986), with the similarity in Madonna's blond locks and the tilting of her head, adding that the artwork symbolized the different angles through which the singer has been scrutinized throughout her career.Recording became a natural process for all parties involved, although Madonna found difficulty in working with Benny Benassi who did not speak fluent English and had to use Alle Benassi as interpreter.A pop and EDM record, MDNA consisted of both introspective as well as upbeat songs.

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