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I figured this would be a good precursor to my London trip in March. We do not live together, preferring to keep our households, finances, and families separate. To top it all off, we are polyamorous; meaning, our relationship is open, allowing us to experience intimate relationships with other people, such as dating, loving, and exploring sexually. We have amazing chemistry and enjoy an incredibly satisfying sex life. Before I knew of polyamory, I thought I was defective and unfit to be in a relationship.

Here is the list in its entirety – I replaced about ten of them.

So here we are four years later: a polyamorous couple in a sea of monogamy. Polyamory applies the same concept of loving more than one person in a lifetime, the only difference being that these relationships overlap in the case of polyamory, because life is too short. Anthony Weiner, however, WOULD.) If you send me a cock shot, it’s like a slap in the face, an instant turn off, and an online assault, and I will fine you and demand an apology if you ever want to interact with me again. Or feel completely justified in sending a cock shot. Wanna know the quickest way NOT to get under my skirt? OK, besides wearing ugly footwear or torturing small mammals.

I don’t care if you are someone I’ve been fucking with for years, or are brand new and exciting. Is this what men imagine their cock shot looks like?

Determined not to repeat those same mistakes again, he took a leap and partnered with me, a renegade female who was in charge of her sexuality and knew what she wanted.

Honoring my atypical outlook on life, Matthew told me he would not hold me to a standard he was not willing to hold himself. I challenge you to comment if you’ve never sent a cock shot, or wish to publicly apologize for sending a cock shot.

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Love to our fellow brothers and sisters is why we exist as a human race and is what sets us apart as humans. It’s not easy to change our beliefs and the habits that have evolved over many years. Years ago, if I got a nasty comment on my blog, it would sting, and it would haunt me all day.

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