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They often think that somewhere in the Bible it is banned and perhaps even recall sermons when Christian leaders have either directly condemned it or at least suggested that it was sinful if not come right out and say it directly.Often this is because we allow other people to do or Christianity for us.

Bigamy was recognized and regulated by the Law of Moses.

The kings of Israel weren’t supposed to “multiply wives” to themselves, Deuteronomy .

You weren’t supposed to take a woman’s sister to be her “rival wife” while she was still living, Leviticus .

Out attitudes about monogamy and affairs are so ingrained that it will be difficult if not impossible to consider anything that deviates from those beliefs.

A new understanding of affairs involves more than just changing our thinking about the causes of affairs.

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Even though simultaneous marriages to multiple partners are not officially recognized, divorce and remarriage leads to a common pattern known as “serial monogamy”, in which males remarry more frequently than females and are more likely than females to have children by more than one spouse.

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