Tips for dating a med student

Source: Shutter Stock reddituser6686372: study your profs. Do they want straightforward textbook answers or do they want your own opinion on the subject? recommends an author, read not only that author's work but also his detractors. Straight A student for all of college and held down at least one if not multiple jobs throughout -- it is possible, just takes a lot of discipline. Even if it's an hour a week, do something just for you to reduce your stress levels.

It shows you went above and beyond to understand the issue in question Try to get to know your teacher to figure out exactly what they want. Schedule it ahead of time and keep it consistent every week.

If you want to focus on something else, make that your priority. econobeing: At the beginning of every week make a checklist of all the class related things you have to do that week (including suggested readings and practice problems), make sure to finish all of them before Friday ends.

But don't assume you can get good grades without putting them first. Then you'll have the weekend to yourself and no leftover work to do the next week.

Don't just read the textbook once, and assume you know everything. Take notes, make flash cards, create your own tests... Source: Shutter Stock donthatemeokay: Do all your assignments as soon as you get them.

Usually the classes are spread out so you might not have that class for a couple days.

You'll get satisfaction out of checking things off, and you'll be on top of all your assignments. Came down to this: Go to every lecture and PAY ATTENTION.Source: Shutter Stock veni-veni-veni: I screwed up the first half of college. year I was paired up with a really chill dude in O-chem lab. A lot of profs will give clues as to what they feel is a point of emphasis.Used the textbook as a script to memorize rather than a reference. Great profs will actually summarize for you the main points of their lecture. When you go over your notes shortly after class, make sure you understand these important concepts.A study group helps with this as they can tell you if you've made an error in your question(s).If done correctly, you'll actually teach yourself the subject as you find out nuances in question generation that you didn't catch before.

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