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A 32 page study booklet with sorting indexes and practice tips.

Each card has one main vocabulary item and several derived words.

You will soon find yourself turning to "Essential Indonesian" again and again when visiting Indonesia and working or interacting with Indonesians.

In this book you will find: Over 1500 practical sentences for everyday use. Extensive information about Indonesian grammar and pronunciation.

Since Indonesian uses a romanized alphabet, you can read Indonesian without learning a new alphabet or special characters.

Each card features definitions, related words, sample sentences, and thematic grouping.

Intended for use by tourists, students, and business people travelling to Indonesia, Pocket Indonesian Dictionary is an essential tool for communication a great way to learn Indonesian.

It features all the essential Indonesian vocabulary appropriate for beginning to intermediate students.

The book is structures so you get the most out of using the technique of word association and some diversions for light relief.It’s handy pocket format and easy-to-read type will make any future trip to Indonesian much easier.It contains important notes on the Indonesian language, Indonesian grammar and Indonesian pronunciation.The idea of "Instant Indonesian" is simple--learn 100 words and phrases and say 1,000 things.The trick is knowing which 100 words to learn, but the authors Stuart Robson and Julian Millie have solved the problem, choosing only those words you'll hear again and again.

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