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In reality, the rain in Spain stays mainly in the mountains.

Spain ranks as one of the most mountainous countries in Europe because – and this isn't obvious – the heart of the country sits on a huge plateau.

Why not retreat to the north of Spain and enjoy the beaches and mountains in the height of summer?Bilbao has its own extraordinary outpost of the Guggenheim Museum; Santiago de Compostela boasts a cathedral with relics of St James; in the province of Cantabria you'll find arguably the best collection of cave paintings in the whole of Europe, with more than 50 sites, including some of enormous artistic quality and historical importance.They include Altamira, famous for paintings of boars, bison, deer and horses dating from the end of the Ice Age.Madrid is 2,100ft above sea level (which explains why the Spanish capital is so cold in the winter and roasting-hot in the summer).But for impressive mountains, northern Spain is the place to go.

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