Public sex chat rooms without registration

Once we could actually forge a connection, that is.

I'd sit for scores of minutes at a time, waiting impatiently for that little running AOL man to enter his successive phase of connectedness.

Not to mention how annoying that modem sound was when you picked up the phone. When children of the 90s first got in-home internet access, it was a novel and exciting concept.

Finally, a relatively captive audience with whom to share our innermost thoughts, dreams, and anonymous flirtations.

From the moment a person asked, "A/S/L", you knew it was on.

That is, imploring his chatroommates to give their age, sex, and location.

At our house, there were three potential modem phone numbers with which to reach the internet, and we'd frantically alternate between our options, forever seeking a signal. No sooner than we'd heard that familiar robotically enthusiastic declaration "You've Got Mail!In forums, the messages are posted while in chat rooms, the messages are instantly delivered to the people.You just have to register yourself on the site by adding a user name of your site. If a new person enters the chat room, people get notified.It was a novel concept for the time: you could actually communicate with many people at once! People who we should trust indefinitely to be telling the truth, the absolute truth, and nothing but the truth! Judging how things usually went our own end, it's doubtable that these new virtual pals were honest about any element of their existence other than that they were currently connected to the internet.The original chat rooms were popular online pickup scenes, the equivalent of an internet singles bar.

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Users formed full-fledged online relationships with people they had never even met.

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