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My daughter comes over and uses the computer sometimes, so I thought perhaps she had saved the photos for some reason.But something kept telling me not to approach her about it.These are not just rules for them to follow at our house. Our children represent our family wherever they go, and we expect them to behave accordingly.

That kind of exhaustion can certainly color your perspective and make everyday tasks, to say nothing of true challenges, seem almost insurmountable. People don’t always know the best path even if they have the best intentions to take it.

I copied this list down a long time ago from somewhere, and these rules have served our family well over the years. It comes from the book New Skills for Frazzled Parents: The Instruction Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child, by Daniel G. 67.) What do you think about having a list of family rules? How has having such a list been helpful to you (or not)?

We have also made it clear to our children that the family rules follow them wherever they go.

He confessed and told me that he had searched the internet to see if she had any bad pictures of herself.

He told me that he felt relieved that I had found out.

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