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It's like watching a teen movie where the outcast removes her geeky glasses and the jock falls in love with reverse. Right picture, wrong bio No one is a model, so when your Catfish turns out to be attractive but not as successful, does it really matter? ) claimed to be a successful model, but was actually a bus driver.

But Rico found him to be just as adorable as his pictures showed, and the two decided to try to make it work. One of your friends, who means well Rose had feelings for her good friend Joe, but instead of professing her love, she instead Catfished him by playing “Kari Ann" — using the identity of Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche.

who turned out to actually be a girl named Chelsea. And then came the Internet, which made it possible to basically egg someone's heart.

Not that this always prevents a happy ending: Tattooed Kya and “Alyx” (or, as it was discovered, Dani) remained a couple after meeting on Vampire and then in real life — even though Alyx turned out to be female-to-male transgender. It's the harshest of long cons: Slowly build up an intimacy online by pretending to be a suitor, and then ultimately destroy the lovestruck by revealing your lie.

Last night, MTV's Catfish aired a midseason reunion show, taking us on a stroll down betrayal memory lane.

Sometimes protecting a friend from being self-destructive goes too far: Cassie’s BFF Gladys Catfished her to make her happy so that she wouldn't go out and find trouble elsewhere.Unsurprisingly, Rod didn't seem too upset about the revelation, though Ebony was. This particular breed of Catfish proved to be the most elusive, until finally, in season two, Lauren, the single mom from Texas, met Derek from Maryland, the boy she met eight years before on My Space, and they found each other to be, well, accurately each other. “Strawberry Letter 23”, as recorded by The Brothers Johnson, in a funkier, more dance oriented vein than the original Otis version, hit the Hot 100 #5 and R&B #1 in 1977.The famous solo in this song was originally recorded by Shuggie Otis.Studio guitar player Lee Ritenour later recreated Shuggie Otis’ original solo for the Brothers Johnson 1977 album.

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