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His ensemble – brown stubble, dishevelled light blond hair, scruffy jeans, a T-shirt emblazoned with the iconic anti-hero Sid Vicious – shouts ‘geek’ rather than Hollywood power broker, and there isn’t any immediate physical similarity with his father.Indeed, there are times when I have to remind myself how easily Jones could have been a selfish, spoilt rock brat rather than the down-to-earth, affable man who settles back into his chair and politely orders a coffee.‘I don’t know why but for whatever reason that side of life – the celebrity and the spectacle – has never interested me.I’d make these little sets and I’d set up backstage with my Star Wars and Smurfs toys.While Dad would go on stage I’d be making my little movies.’Jones’s mother, former American model and actress Angie Bowie (born Mary Angela Barnett), is notably absent from all of his anecdotes.Her drug-taking, bisexual exploits at the time have been well documented.

His father is David Bowie, so Jones’s musical genes must be first-rate. At first glance, you wouldn’t mark Jones as a player.There were a lot of people about but it didn’t interest me and to be honest I didn’t pay much attention.’Film school in London followed, then several industry jobs working in production houses, at a special-effects company, and finally in advertising (making commercials for Heinz Ketchup, French Connection and Mc Cain Oven Chips), before Jones felt he was ready to make his first feature film.Too many rejections to mention – ‘I don’t want to embarrass them by putting their names out there, but I did start to wonder, God, is this ever going to happen?I think redtube should have a category for porn that woman want too watch. The two of them have really good sexual chemistry going on. And ‘nice’ porn (nobody looked upset by the end of the video) doesn’t just appeal to women.Too much of this site is aimed for men- they get all the hot ladies and we get the fat baldos!! I love how focused the are on each other, they dont even care about the cameras. I also love how he takes control , but not in the 'choke on my dick' type of way.

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