The joy of text mating dating and techno relating

KRISTINA GRISH: "You know, if you're just starting a relationship with someone or just starting a correspondence with someone, it's certainly fine to say 'hi' or 'hello,' but then I would say within your second e-mail you don't really need a formal introduction or a formal salutation.

You can cut right to the fact that you are having an official conversation."RS: "Tell us about some of the things that you learned from these interviews."KRISTINA GRISH: "One of the more interesting things I found out is that a lot of people perceive this sense of hierarchy, this 'intimacy hierarchy,' which basically means if, say, someone sends you a text message, it's only polite to match their medium in response.

For instance, "dear" is fine for a letter, but for an e-mail she says, it may be too formal.

” If you’re a woman (especially if you’re a single woman), which “dating books” have you read and found either helpful or damaging?

And if you’re a single man, have you ever read one of these books, just to find out what women are thinking? Or do you think all these books are just bad news, because they encourage women in our natural propensity–to overthink and overinterpret?

The Joy of Text is a monthly podcast about Judaism, sexuality, and the intersection of the two. Bat Sheva Marcus and moderated and produced by Rebecca Honig Friedman, this podcast features in-depth conversations by rabbinic and medical experts about subjects that you’ll almost never hear discussed anywhere else, even online.

Each episode also includes answers to questions from listeners like you (see the link below to submit your own question).

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"But if you're very aloof and you're used to just walking out of a room without saying goodbye, then you can take that route, too.

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