Dating a tease

So a man usually resorts to teasing when they feel most vulnerable. Then at that point, you can look at him and say, “I do not appreciate this type of teasing.

I like it when…” and then you can describe what you like. If you want to understand us a little bit more, send me a question.

Keep in mind that to ensure a wife has control of her husband’s penis, restraint may be necessary when he’s not supervised.

Another reason a husband can find himself denied is to help him experience the frustration that his wife has experienced, often for many years, by being sexually unsatisfied.

At each climax she would deny me the pleasure of hearing her moan in ecstasy and the only indication of her orgasm would be the presence of both hands pulling harder at the back of my head causing my nose to mash painfully on her mons venus, a tightening of her tummy muscles, twitching of her clitoris and restrained short breaths.

During all this time my dick would be painfully hard with the only stimulation being occasional contact with her smooth long legs. For some, it’s seen primarily as a way to establish the hotwife’s sexual commitment to her lover and to remind the husband that his role doesn’t include intercourse while she’s dating.

I discovered and perfected the art of teasing when I was in college.

Its amazing how the biggest and strongest of men turn to jelly when you have complete control of their cock and balls.

Cuckolds certainly don’t require intercourse with their wives, but do need to spurt regularly to maintain prostate health.

(context or no) especially in certain demographics.

Producers, especially those who keep their finger on the pulse of the audience, not to mention their eye on the fan fora, know this.

For husbands who are mouse-hung, lack the requisite stamina to get their wife to that sexual plateau or both, it’s appropriate that they discover for themselves how it feels to be aroused yet seldom satisfied through intercourse.

It is also erotic, for a Dom Wife, to have this level of control within a marriage; to be able to dictate what forms of sexual intimacy a husband may indulge in and at what intervals, is very empowering.

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