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Mr Mc Carthy has called for staff at Maghaberry to use search technology instead of subjecting prisoners to full body strip searches, which he has described as cruel. Posted by Jim on In a series of early morning raids in Dublin this week, eight republicans and their families were subjected to armed police forcing entry to their homes.

One home targeted by armed and masked men was occupied by a woman and her two 12 year old daughters.

The former Sinn Fein councillor had a motion passed by Cork County Council opposing the brutal practice last month.

‘WE HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE’ By Sinn Fein Chairman Declan Kearney (for Billy Nelis was an ordinary man. He and his generation and their parents experienced first hand the injustice of the northern state.

A spokesperson for prisoner support group Cogus said Hughes had been told it was due to the “outline of an old 50s rifle” on the cover.

Other items which have recently been banned include the DVD of the historical documentary ’66 days’ on the 1981 hunger strike.

The confiscated items included those belonging to children and work related equipment.

In several cases the legally required receipt for seized items was not issued.

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When the Civil Rights Movement was formed they stood up in their tens of thousands to support its demands.

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