Ipphone only updating when outlook isopen

Learner Skills and Knowledge • Working knowledge of converged voice and data networks • Basic knowledge of Cisco IOS gateways * Working knowledge of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection Cisco learning offerings: Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Administration (ICOMM) Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part7(CIPT1) Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications(CAPPS) v8 0 ©2010 Cisco Systems Inc Course Goal and Objectives This topic describes the course goalandobjectives.arnerswith the necessary knowledge to d Cisco Unified Presence into a Cisco jmunications solution" '3wnii:!?J ", Active Directory for Cisco Unified ; Presence 'ng Users Set Forwarding Attnbutes Exchange Server H* $ User TUI or Cisco Voice View Express Personal Routing • Cisco Unified CM =Cisco Unified Communications Manager " Cisco Unified MP= Cisco Unified Meeting Race —Cisco Unified MPE =Cisco Unified Meeting Place Express Connection server.Cisco Unity Connection advanced communication services offer \oice commands to place calls or listen to messages in hands-free mode.This ability includes being able tomeet these objectives: interfaces • Describe voice-mail integration options, corresponding traffic flows, and available client • Describe general requirements for voice-mail integration, including user-account synchronization, redirecting-number explanation, call flows in SRST mode or under nobandwidth conditions, Co S implications of MWI, and voice-mail notifications ~ I '.\ rr-F.oac\ v8 n Integrating Cisco Unified"Communications Applications (CAPPS) „a 0 © 2010 l.Course Introduction Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications (CAPPS] v8 0 ©2010 Cisco Systems Inc Module 1 Introduction to Voice Mail Overview Connection integration options, including (but not limited to) integration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.The module also examines various deployments in which Cisco The module introduces the Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unity Express voice-messaging systems and compares the parameters and features ofeach.

O 2-134 2-135 Configuring Cisco Unity Connection Users Objectives Cisco Unity Connection User Templates User Template Example Password Settings and Roles Transfer Rules 2-137 2-137 2-138 2-140 2-141 2-142 Greetings Call Actions 2-143 2-144 Message Actions and Caller Input TUi Experience Cisco Unity Connection User Alternate Extensions Voice Mailbox 2-145 2-146 2-147 2-148 2-149 Mailbox Stores and Membership Message Aging Policy and Mailbox Quotas Private Distribution Lists Notifications Devices 2-150 2-151 2-152 2-153 User-Creation Options Cisco Unity Connection Class of Service User Access to Features 2-154 2-155 2-156 Summary References 2-158 2-158 Monitoring and Troubleshooting Cisco Unity Connection Objectives Cisco Unity Connection Troubleshooting Reordei Tone 2-159 2-159 2-160 2-161 Call Forward to Cisco Unity Connection Route Pattern Affecting Call Forward Login Not v\torking PIN Not Accepted MW Issues MVU Status 2-162 2-163 2-164 2-165 2-167 2-168 VUong Greeting Rules and Conditions 2-169 2-170 Time Schedule 2-172 Voice Messages Call Handler Transfer Issues Call Handler Issues 2-173 2-174 2-175 AAR and Cisco Unified SRST Issues Cisco Unified RTMT 2-176 2-179 Cisco Unity Connection Performance Counters Cisco Unity Connection Session Performance Counters Alert Properties Reporting in Cisco Unity Connection MVU Troubleshooting Macro Traces 2-180 2-181 2-182 2-184 2-185 2-188 Summary References 2-189 2-189 Module Summary References Module Self-Check 2-191 2-192 2-193 Module Serf-Check Answer Key 2-197 Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications (CAPPS) v B 0 ©2010Cisco Systems.y ^uiu Cisco Systems Inc y Lesson 1 Voice-Mail Integration Overview Overview This lesson describes integration options and deployment scenarios for Cisco Unity Connection.Different technologies support Cisco Unity Connection single-site or multisite scenarios in centralized or decentralized deployments.You are encouraged tojointhe Cisco Career Certification Community, a discussion forum that isopen to anyone who is holding a valid Cisco Career Certification (such as Cisco CCIE . Itprovides a gathering place for Cisco certified professionals to share questions, suggestions, and information about Cisco Career Certification programs and other certification-related topics. Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications (CAPPS) v B 0 ©2010 Cisco Systems Inc Cisco Career Certifications: CCNP Voice Expand your professional options and advance your career Professional-level recognition in voice networking Recommended Training Through Cisco Learning Partners Expert knptertmnting Cisco Voice Commmictions and Oo S II i lessional Wptemenffng Cisco Unifiec J Communications Manager.Part 1 tnpfementmg Cisco Unified Commntjcattons Manager, Part 2 isociate Troubleshooting Osco Untfterf Communicafions Integrating Cisco United Communications Voice Netiwrking Applications //SCO.rom/gafcerti tications ©2010 Cisco Systems, Inc.

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