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It's a matter of preference, of course, for when I showed Katzmaier the Ultimate and he held it in his hand, he thought the ergonomics were better, but the buttons' locations remained a sticking point for him.So did the 2.4-inch screen, which just isn't as sharp or quite as responsive as the touch screens found on today's smartphones and tablets.

And just as importantly, having Bluetooth onboard finally gives you a powerful universal remote that's natively compatible with the IR-less Sony PS3 (and, presumably, upcoming PS4), as well as Nintendo's Wii and Wii U game consoles, which also employ Bluetooth.

There's even more, of course, and features-wise the Ultimate's got almost everything you could ask for in a universal remote. Some of them are more minor and hopefully fixable via software updates, but others are potentially more grating, depending on your pet peeves when it comes to universal remotes.

Plus, its design is sleek and slightly improved from the Touch, which looks nearly identical. The 0 Ultimate also competes with the company's much more affordable package (0), which offers all the features of the Ultimate -- RF control, Bluetooth communications, and app control on i Phones and Android phones -- but instead of a touch-screen remote, it bundles in a new, very basic but slick Harmony remote with no display.

Design The Ultimate looks identical to the Touch, except for a small but important design change to the bottom of the remote that improves its ergonomics: a hump that pushes your hand forward, making it easier to access the transport controls at the top of the remote.

If you look at our review for the Touch, you'll notice that CNET editor and video guru David Katzmaier didn't like that the transport controls were at the top of the remote instead of at the bottom like they are with the entry-level .

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