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The Playboy model is threatening to sue the ex-” Hills ” star if he releases a sex tape featuring her and boyfriend Sam Jones, reports.

RELATED: PLAYBOY PLAYMATE: SPENCER PRATT STOLE MY SEX TAPE WITH HEIDI MONTAG Shannon’s lawyer reportedly sent a letter to the faded reality star accusing him of stealing the tape of”private materials” from the model’s home and asking for its return.

I stayed under for three hours, just loving the feeling. He hypnotized me out of a cold once; just made my fever vanish.” We wondered if a strong-willed person like herself wasn’t afraid to submit to hypnosis. Of course, I didn’t show up.” Um, I do not claim to be an expert judge of character, but I’m not sure that a hypnotist who suggests “as an experiment” that you meet him in a hotel room is someone you should see again. A rare instance of the centerfold being the cover model as well; I can tell from those 70’s-rific suede boots Monique is wearing that the cover photo’s from the same set of shots as the ones in the pictorial. I never get to look glamorous.” She did two Mc Donald’s ads; her friends assumed she was working for the local franchise. The second Canadian o’ the day, Sylvie’s later career credits include co-hosting duties with Alex Trebek on the game show “The 8,000 Question” (I guess they wanted to out-do “the ,000 Question,” or is that a Canadian conversion thing?Well this is how she started and look where she is now.She’s got drugs in her vagina (allegedly) and a gleam in her eye.Fuelled by the alcohol that Frankie Cocozza just about managed to win in his spelling bee task, Karissa was dancing on the sofa with her twin sister Kristina and footballer’s wife Nicola Mclean when Denise Welch decided that it would be a laugh if she pulled Karissa’s pyjama bottoms down.Her playful actions rubbed the Playmate up the wrong way and sparked an argument that eventually embroiled all of the housemates, whether they wanted to get involved or not.

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