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Here is the beginning of an answer: What is a slow website for Google? However, developers are told to “think broadly about how performance affects a user’s experience” and to “consider a variety” of performance indicators. Nevertheless, we can hardly consider Chrome UX reports as the only component of the signal.

Nevertheless, can we consider that the difficulty we’ve talked about (to know if a site is fast or slow) is solved so far?Collecting performance data through real visitors it designated as Real User Monitoring. The audience of a website is complex and heterogeneous.There is no such thing as *one* loading time, but plenty of different experiences depending on visitors context (location, connection, device, etc.).Moreover, to make it a reliable ranking signal, a strong segmentation of the RUM data would be necessary.If the Google search is from a US visitor, you don’t want to take into account the performance data of the European visitors.

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