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"I think many persons in the leadership of the Church, I don't think they knew what a horrendous widespread [issue] we were sitting on," he said.He was questioned about his support for former priest and one of Australia's worst paedophiles Gerald Ridsdale.But that's for people to judge."Cardinal Pell says he recently learned that former Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns had destroyed documents to hide cases of abuse and he admitted that in some cases members of the clergy were placed above the law.But he denies paying lip service to victims of Church abuse and only saying sorry because he was caught out.Cardinal Pell is appearing on the final day of public hearings for the inquiry into the sexual abuse of children by members of non-government organisations.A large overflow room was set up to accommodate the large crowds but at least 20 people have been forced to wait outside, sparking heated scenes and clashes in the corridor.Berlin is taking seriously indications that Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone might have been tapped by US intelligence, according to SPIEGEL information.Merkel spoke with President Barack Obama on Wednesday about her concerns.

Despite being heckled during parts of the inquiry, Cardinal Pell defended the action the Church had taken action to tackle abuse.As an expression of solidarity, I gave that limited support," he said."I had a principle that any time I was asked to go to court on behalf of one of my parishioners I generally did and I always said, 'I'm here just to say that there is a good side to this person and I support them to the extent that is compatible with justice'."I certainly never intended to...aid and abet or to dodge the issues."He says he did not realise the insult this would be to the victims.Australia's top-ranking Catholic has admitted to a Victorian parliamentary inquiry that some members of the Church tried to cover up child sexual abuse by other members of the clergy.Cardinal George Pell told the inquiry he was "fully apologetic and absolutely sorry" about decades of child sex abuse within the Church.

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Victims and members of support groups are being forced to stand along the walls of the spillover room, which quickly reached capacity.

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