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Bunnie Riedel (host) provides advice, observations and solutions for the nonprofit community.

Guest bloggers will be invited to share their ideas and interviews will be conducted with nonprofit executives, board members and other experts in an effort to create a "conversation." Writing an Effective Membership Renewal Letterby Bunnie Riedel, Host of Nonprofit Conversation Some time ago, in the blog “Membership Renewal and Retention” ( I promised I would offer a sample membership renewal letter.

Your email may be seen as just another communiqué from the organization and easily dismissed.

And while people are also inundated with postal mail, your chances are much better the recipient will add your renewal letter to their “bill” pile and write the renewal check while taking care of their usual obligations.

Tell me three great things you did with their membership dollars.

Next Paragraph Now tell them what you have planned for this year.

Also show some excitement about what you have planned…you just can’t wait to get to the projects!

The goal of "Nonprofit Conversation" is to provide a forum for discussion of nonprofit success and challenges.

Finally “The Pitch”The pitch or closing the deal,, whatever you prefer to call it.

This is not the time to be shy, ask them to renew their membership and make it urgent “Please renew your membership today!

Note, I said, “this year.” Not the next two or three or five years.

You need their membership commitment to accomplish even greater things in the .

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List a few of those great things you are going to do.

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