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Please see here for a more detailed comparison of the Stieff’s Rose and Princess patterns.Here’s an example of the Stieff Rose pattern in holloware, this one a chocolate pot c.1900.So closely associated is Baltimore with repousse silver, that the highly ornate and deeply patterned silver created there came be to known as Baltimore Style Repousse.Some of Baltimore’s early silver companies, such as Stieff and Kirk, remain important names in the history of American silver and the repousse patterns they created are among the most enduringly popular silver patterns ever made.The silver manufacturers were eyeing Baltimore’s ever-expanding and ever-wealthier upper classes who were making fortunes in the city’s highly competitive shipping and transportation industries (and whose newly-built mansions were being decorated in the latest styles).Let’s have a look a some of the Baltimore silver companies and examples of Baltimore Style Repousse.1884: After looking at these patterns, I cannot help but be reminded of the Indian thimble shown in Repousse – part 1.I think it likely that Kirk took inspiration from Indian export silver that was popular in the day. Most have been bought up by large international corporations.

The patterns are currently licensed for manufacture by Lifetime Brands, who also own the Wallace and Towle Silversmiths names.

Schofield produce their sterling repousse-style pattern, Baltimore Rose, in 1904. Some patterns were produced in sterling, but others were produced in more affordable silver plate.

Other Baltimore silver companies that produced repousse patterns include Andrew Ellicot Warner, A. Here’s a few examples of the many patterns created in the Baltimore style: Towle’s Arlington, sterling, c.

The Schofield Company was founded by Frank Scholfied in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1903. Examples of their work (and others) can be found here.

Scholfield came from a silver-smithing family and had worked at both Gorham and the Baltimore Silver Company before founding his own company. These highly ornate patterns became very popular and were quickly picked up by other silver companies.

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