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ISIS and other jihadi organizations and recruiters have moved beyond the use of traditional social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for recruiting and communication to using popular and lesser known dating websites targeting the United States and Western Europe to transmit plans and operations — as well as to recruit and radicalize, according to senior US and Western counterterrorism officials who are involved in tracking the communication avenues of jihadists communing with Western recruits.

Nevertheless, officials said specialized software has been specifically designed to data mine searches of dating websites for known and unknown jihadists who are exploiting the sites for communications and for identifying private email addresses which have been exchanged. According to sources Homeland Security Today interviewed, NSLs have been served on dating websites known to be used by jihadists to communicate in an effort to monitor the sites’ proprietary email systems to identify the targets of the NSLs.

Meanwhile, there’s been considerable debate and consternation between the White House and the Intelligence Community over whether to shut down these sites or allow them to stay active because of their value to intelligence collection. do we shut down their modes of web communication — like their use of dating sites — or do we leave them alone; they do provide a valuable intelligence resource when data mined correctly," explained a senior counterterrorism official on condition of anonymity because he’s not authorized to discuss intelligence matters. Once the targets have been identified, the FBI can then petition the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) for authority to access the content of the emails stored in National Security Agency (NSA) databases as well as the dating services’ proprietary servers.

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My Single Friend was founded in 2004 by TV presenter and property extraordinaire Sarah Beeny, who is notorious for setting her single friends up.

A non-profit magazine and media platform, HSToday provides readers with the whole story, placing facts and comments in context to inform debate and drive realistic solutions to some of the nation’s most vexing security challenges.The London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue recently said it believes about 550 women from Western countries are currently living in ISIS-controlled territory.Amarnath Amarasingam, a post-doctoral fellow and Islamist radicalization researcher at Dalhousie University who tracks ISIS members online, believes more than a dozen of these young women are from Canada.Once jihadists have paid to use a dating website they can then accept and send emails back and forth. §§ 1681u–1681v) and Right to Financial Privacy Act (12 U. By law, NSLs can request only non-content information, for example, transactional records and phone numbers that have been used.And once these jihadists are connected, they can exchange their personal email addresses which they can then use to communicate outside the dating site’s proprietary communication system. What’s most difficult in tracking these communications, officials said, is that once an individual communication is made, because of the nature of how these dating websites work, once an account is paid and unrestricted communications between individuals is allowed, the individuals then have the ability to exchange personal email addresses and to communicate directly through them with one another outside the dating website’s propriety communication system.

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