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4.23 Maquila (Sub contracting)Any activity concerning the manufacturing process of an authorized producer that is sent to another authorized producer to be completed by him or her.4.24 Cold Mixing They consist of adding or mixing any alcoholic beverage different to Tequila during the manufacturing stages of Tequila, including the finished product. 4.28 Manufacturing Stages The stages in the Tequila-making process during which the raw materials undergo chemical, biochemical and physical changes until a specific product is obtained in each stage.

Said beverage is subject to the process detailed below, using Agave of the species tequilana weber blue variety, grown in the federal states and municipalities indicated in the Declaration. 4.5 Agency Any agency, pursuant to Article 26 of the Federal Public Administration Law.

4.11 Container Any new container or recipient destined to keep Tequila and to enter in contact with it, conserving its physical, chemical, sensorial and sanitary integrity.

4.12 Extraction The mechanical, physical, chemical, biological procedure or combination thereof that allows for the separation of the sugars or carbohydrates of the agave.

4.17 IMPIThe Mexican Industrial Property Institute. 4.18 Jima Action that consists in removing the agave leaves from its heart.

4.19 Law The Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization 4.20 Minimum and Maximum Limits The quantity set in this NOM for which no tolerance is allowed.

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