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The exception was Nebraska, which had a small but statistically significant increase in Mexican unauthorized immigrants in those years.There is wide variety in state populations of unauthorized immigrants, according to the Pew Research estimates.The main source of data for estimates from 2005 on is the U. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey; estimates for 19 use the bureau’s March Current Population Surveys.Because they are based on updated data, the new estimates of unauthorized immigrants for states and the nation in this report supersede previously published Pew Research Center estimates. citizen” are used interchangeably; a small number of these children may be naturalized citizens.Decline in Those From Mexico Fuels Most State Decreases By Jeffrey S. From 2009 to 2012, according to new Pew Research Center estimates, the population of unauthorized immigrants rose in seven states and fell in 14. unauthorized immigrant population has leveled off nationally after the Great Recession, but state trends have been more volatile.Unauthorized immigrant populations from Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and the rest of the world grew slightly from 2009 to 2012.The unauthorized immigrant estimates throughout this report are produced using a multistage method that subtracts the legal foreign-born population from the total adjusted foreign-born population; the residual then is used as the source of information about unauthorized immigrants.

According to a Pew Research analysis, the losses in 13 of them were due to drops in the number of unauthorized immigrants from Mexico.

Additional interactive maps show the share of elementary and secondary school students with at least one unauthorized parent, and the share of Mexicans among unauthorized immigrants, by state. Passel, senior demographer, and D’Vera Cohn, senior writer. Some who entered as unauthorized immigrants or violated terms of admission have obtained work authorization by applying for adjustment to legal permanent status, obtaining Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or receiving Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.

Another map displays change for 2009 to 2012 in the unauthorized immigrant population at the state level. Editorial guidance was provided by Claudia Deane, director of research practices, and Mark Hugo Lopez, director of Hispanic research. The terms “foreign born” and “immigrant” are used interchangeably. Data are very limited, but this “quasi-legal” group could account for as much as 10% of the unauthorized population. The “labor force” refers to people ages 16 and older who are employed or looking for work.

In addition to unauthorized immigrants, the nation’s foreign-born population of 42.5 million people in 2012 consisted of 11.7 million legal permanent residents, 17.8 million naturalized citizens and 1.9 million legal residents with temporary status (including students, diplomats and “high-tech guest workers”).

The 8.1 million unauthorized immigrants who were working or looking for work in 2012 made up 5.1% of the labor force. The number in the labor force has remained between 8.1 million and 8.3 million since 2007.

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