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Location: The Mississippi River near Royalton, in Morrison County, Minn. The original dam built at this site was washed out in the 1850s. Description: The concrete dam includes a 2,983-acre reservoir comprising Garden, Farm, South Farm and Fridays lakes, and the station has two generators that tap a head of 67 feet. Power production capability: Units 1 and 2 – 65 megawatts each. Location: On the waterfront in West Duluth Description: Two units generate steam for the nearby Verso paper mill and for the energy center. Location: On Colby Lake between Aurora, Minn., and Hoyt Lakes, Minn.

Description: Opened in 1925, the station has three generators and taps into a head (vertical distance the water travels to the turbines) of 45 feet. Minnesota Power acquired the Little Falls station in 1923. Location: The Prairie River north of Grand Rapids, Minn. About 90 percent of all ash produced at Hibbard is used as a soil amendment on area farmlands, reducing the amount of ash being landfill. Description: What today is the Laskin Energy Center was initially built to power the earliest taconite processing facilities pioneering the revitalization of the Iron Range.

JPay will gather intelligence related to violations of facility rules, video visiting rules of conduct or state and federal laws by video users, according to the JPay contract with the Department of Corrections. Starting in November, JPay will offer JP5 mini-tablets for purchase that will allow them to write and send e-mail, listen to music and store pictures. Skeptics, however, question whether they replace interpersonal contact that could reduce recidivism.

Video visiting will not replace in-person visiting at prisons, Latuseck said.

Ramsey County also recently enabled visits via mobile devices, said Sgt.

The department signed on with Florida video visitation company JPay Inc. That company was recently acquired by prison technology giant Securus Technologies.Video visitation is expected to be up and running on all JPay kiosks in the facilities by the end of October — just in time for inmates to see their children’s Halloween costumes or pumpkin-carving prowess.“It’s a convenient option for those who live far away from the facility, in addition to being another way to keep people connected,” Jade Trombetta, JPay spokeswoman, said in an e-mail.The Ramsey County Adult Detention Center ended face-to-face visits except for professional visits in 2003.All of the center’s visitations are done via video.

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