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Actually, there is no “seemed to” about it, I even have a chart where this is scientifically proven (see previous post).

But for all the great, tried-and-true classic traditions they followed, I hope they establish a few new ones.

You might say that well, a girl was found in the snow wearing a wedding dress so thus, “Snow Bride.” But I’d say, sure, except that doesn’t really factor into the movie’s plot ever again and by your logic, we should have called the original Terminator film, “Naked Dude in an Alley.” CHRISTMAS QUEEN (all-time) – My Wife – Debbie Macomber As much as my wife will always be my very own Christmas Queen, I know she would never support me breaking the rules so I will give the Noggy to the Zunes. She’s the perfect mother and wife who makes the holidays and life itself magical for her family, despite being under appreciated and the fact that her husband is an alien. CHRISTMAS PRINCESS – Candace Cameron Bure – My Wife That’s Haylie Duff.

She’s in 3 of these movies that I know of – On Strike For Christmas, A Family Thanksgiving, Christmas Do-Over – and they’re all solid, in large part due to her. Seems easy enough but I think it’s a lot tougher to make this actually believable. Not her sister, Hillary, or former bass player for both Guns ‘N’ Roses as well as The Fartz, Duff Mc Kagen. Just like the Zunes, they are all quite solid and I find myself caring about her as a character, which is odd because I didn’t think I would care about her as a person.

BEST TITLE (all-time) – Fir Crazy – Snow Bride – Christmas With a Capital C – Finding John Christmas – Christmas Twister Lot of worthy films here but I have to pick All About Christmas Eve because it works on several levels, although some of them perhaps odd and inappropriate.

And did you know that here at this very blog, we even have our own little awards show too?

Like Casper van Dien growling like Batman for no apparent reason (also like that Batman).

That should be in just about every one of these films. Anything other than Casper van Dien’s vocal chords, that is.

I really put forth the effort to make a regimen just a part of my life.

When I can't, for instance if I'm in a location someplace and I can't work out because of the schedule of the picture or whatever it is, as much as I normally do when I'm home, I still do something.” “I've been fortunate.

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BEST 2013 MOVIE – 12 Trees of Christmas – Let it Snow – All I Want For Christmas – Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas – Holiday Road Trip – Christmas Belle There were a great many newcomers this year, more than ever as a matter of fact, and I watched just about all of them. Nothing quite qualified as all-time classic for me but plenty still stood out. Then of course there are time travel problems and an actor whose own future most definitely involves gay porn but that’s all part of the fun and the main character was just likable enough to make me care about her and her aunt who had cancer in 1996 but was never mentioned again.

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